Brave Australian man wins a fight with a croc

This uplifiting news comes to us from Northern Territory, Australia.

An Australian man Elston Lami Lami aged 42 was out hunting in a shallow creek on Crocker Island and he accidentally stepped over a salt water crocodile. Elston was accompanied by his 2 dogs.

While remembering the moment, he stayed that as soon as he stepped on the 3.6 meter croc, it flipped over and had that angry eyes that saw Elston as its food for lunch. It immediately tried to catch hold of Elston but he grabbed the croc and held its jaw tightly. When the croc was in no mood to let him get off, he knew he had to do something. He started hitting the croc on the nose.

While he was busy hitting the croc his dogs made efforts to distract the beast and their master could finally escape. Before letting his prey run free, the croc bit him on the leg and groin. With immense pain, he somehow managed to walk for half an hour in order to reach his car where he got bandaged. Elston made it a point to not show his pain in front of his pets. He took paracetamols and headed to the Minjilang Community Health Centre for immediate treatment.

After the initial urgent treatment, he flew to a hospital in Darwin in order to recover completely. A heroic spirit by the prey himself and the presence of mind of his 2 pet dogs gave a new life to Elston and we must say that he was brave enough to win the fight with the ferocious crocodile.

It is time we should take bravery lessons from the courageous soul and let the world know about his act of fearlessness.

Image Source: The New Daily

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