89 year old man solved a problem faced by several elderly people

This happy news comes to us from Noida, India.

Almost every other day a new invention is taking place and people are coming up with ideas and concepts to make life easier but we often tend to avoid the day to day hassles faced by the commoners.

A retired engineer residing in Noida namely RN Pasrija said, “Cycle rickshaws are environment-friendly and inexpensive and found in practically every Indian city; I also use them very often. But, climbing onto them is a real struggle for many people.”

This made him brainstorm and come up with something that would help the elderly like himself, people with injuries and the handicapped ones. Climbing up the leg rest is definitely not possible for many people because of the leg rest being at a height. He thought of installing a step below the leg rest.

Involving a rickshaw puller Madhav in his experiment, he went to a local welder and got a step affixed to Madhav’s rickshaw. It costed him INR 500. Mr Pasrija also went ahead and shared the picture of the improved rickshaw with his friends and they absolutely loved it. Some of them even offered to help him in his mission.

The challenge followed after this. When he along with Madhav and his other friends approached other rickshaw pullers to get the step installed, they didn’t agree to it stating that they didn’t own the rickshaw and they were not allowed to make any changes to it. Others also thought them to be cheaters.

Mr Pasrija then asked Madhav to personally explain the benefits to other rickshaw pullers and they have finally succeeded in modifying 5 rickshaws till date. Madhav also said that his passenger count has risen since the day he has installed the step in his rickshaw.

Mr Pasrija also feels that the rickshaw manufacturers should install the step in the new models that they make. Also, he requested many NGOs to come forward and take this mission ahead. Till then, he is on his mission and he will try to take it forward single-handedly.

People like Mr Pasrija who think about the society at this age is truly an inspiration for the young generation. If the elderly people can, why can’t the youth? It is only the people who can make the world a better place to live in. Let us all do something each day.

Image Source: The Better India

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