100 year old ballet dancer awarded medal for a 77 year old performance

This happy news comes to us from London, England.

Henry Danton, the 100 year old ballet dancer has been dancing since the time when he was a teenager. His passion for dancing is so strong that at the age of 100 he still teaches ballet around 5 days a week, his students being almost one-fifth his age.

Mr. Danton had also performed in the Royal Ballet in the year 1940. He was recently in the news for his wonderful performance in the Genée International Ballet Competition, 1942. He won a silver medal in the competition but due to the shortage of metal during the World War 2 he was not awarded the medal.

A Britisher by birth, Henry turned 100 in the year 2019 and he currently teaches ballet in Mississippi. It was after 77 years of his performance that he was finally honored with a silver medal in London at the Royal Academy of Dance. Mr. Danton has taught ballet in several places including Europe, North America, South America as well as Australia.

Henry believes in heaving a healthy mind and body and he had turned a vegetarian at the age of 50. He claimed that he has not paid visit to a doctor in the last 10 years or so. Always on the go, Henry is fit to travel around the world and he once said in an interview, “This body is the only thing you’ve got. You’ve been given this wonderful instrument, you have to look after it.”

Mr. Danton is an inspiration for one and all and we salute him. A true hero, he has no plans of retiring anytime soon. At 100, the zeal and enthusiasm that he has got deserves a great round of applause.

Image Source: ITV

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