Sikh student removed his turban for a bleeding kid in New Zealand

This inspiring news comes to us from South Auckland, New Zealand.

We all know how important is the Sikh turban. It is said that the Sikhs can remove their turban only at home for purposes such as hair wash, bathing etc. Removal of the turban in the public is an offence towards the Sikh religion.

It so happened that Harman Singh, a Sikh studying in New Zealand had to remove his turban but he was applauded for his action. Harman did so in order to save the life of a little boy named Daejon Pahia whose head was bleeding badly as a car had run over him in South Auckland. Harman being present there couldn’t think of anything and he immediately used his turban to cradle the kid’s bleeding head.

Several photos of the incident were doing the rounds on social media and people praised Harman. He got an over whelming response from all around the world and the boy’s parents are thankful to Harman. He had also paid Daejon a visit in the hospital where the kid was recovering.

A local news channel reporters visited Harman at his place to interview him and noticed that Harman only had a mattress to sleep on and a few plastic furniture. It was then that a local business man decided to gift Harman necessary furniture like a sofa, bed and a coffee table. The TV crew returned to his place along with the furniture and Harman broke into tears. He was thankful for the wonderful gesture.

Harman was happy to see that the child is stable and is doing good. A business studies student in New Zealand, Harman, is truly a special soul and he deserves all the happiness in the world. The world needs more people like him.

Image Source: Telegraph

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