NRI recreates Santa land magic in Kerala

This wonderful news comes to us from India.

George Sebastian started things off with a manger and a crib. Five years later, on Christmas it has transformed into an entire village which is based on the very nostalgic Nativity theme. The village was initially modeled upon Bethlehem but over the iterations in the years, it has turned into something close to Santa’s homeland. It has gothic spires, snowflakes, as well as hibernating sheep.

Sebastian who was a worker in the Gulf till a few years back is now back permanently to India and has spent 6 lakh rupees on his “Christmas village”. The village started with the dimensions of a teapoy but it has expanded in size ever since and now occupies his entire verandah back at the house.

Sebastian is 67 years old and got this brilliant idea from his daughter Neema who was doing her higher studies in the UK. Neema liked the miniature Christmas villages that members of the Moravian order would install at their homes during Christmas. Sebastian warmed to the idea immediately.

Sebastian says,” Ever since childhood, Christmas decorations has been my passion. It took me over 5 years to procure the items and models, they are all imported from the USA. We collected them during our summer trips to visit our son Kiran who lives there.”

The miniature village is aptly called “Santa’s Wonderland” and it features market squares, woodland trails, frozen lakes, ice-skating, Christmas parades, farm paddocks with animals as well as a miniature boating lake. The figurines themselves are over 300 in number. As a modern touch there are two mini-trains that make their way through the snow.

Sebastian took two full weeks to complete the village. He had to invest 3 days in hiding power cords and testing circuits. Each building and figurine has its own power supply. However, the marvelous village comes alive at the flick of just one switch.

Image Source: Times Of India

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