Indian girl won the internet by finding groom for her mother

This happy news comes to us from India.

Parents looking for a suitable bride/ groom for their children is a pretty common sight everywhere but what if you witness the situation vice versa. Well, this Indian girl namely Aastha Varma won the internet with her unusual tweet.

Aastha tweeted a picture of herself with her mom and the caption below it read, “Looking for a handsome 50-year-old man for my mother! 🙂 Vegetarian, non-drinker, well established. #Groomhunting”. Her tweet started getting replies almost instantly and there were many people who poured in suggestions and others also asked queries.

There were also replies wherein Aastha was asked to consult a matrimonial website and she ended up saying that she had already tried several matrimonial sites and tinder too but she failed there and she thought twitter could help her better. Several twitteraties praised Aastha for taking this step and also said that her mom would make a beautiful bride and anyone would easily fall for her.

With so many positive responses, we hope Aastha must have shortlisted a few eligible candidates. We salute the spirit of this brave girl who is ready to accept a new man in her mother’s life. Breaking stereotypes, this Indian girl is surely an inspiration for all the children out there who want to make their parents feel complete but they are scared of what the society might think.

Aastha’s amazing spirit is a slap on the society’s face specially people who think love is bound by age and people who have kids cannot get remarried.

Isn’t Aastha the type of girl every Indian mom deserves? We wish her all the very best and may the mother daughter duo live happily ever after. We are waiting for Aastha’s next tweet about whether she found the perfect match for her mother or not!

Image Credits: Twitter

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