Orphaned Kangaroo starts her day by hugging her human family

This uplifting news comes to us from Northern Territory, Australia.

It happened 12 years back that an orphaned baby kangaroo was rescued by wildlife specialists at the Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs housed in Northern Territory, Australia. A caretaker at the sanctuary recalled the incident and said that the baby kangaroo had several cuts and bruises on her body when they had rescued her. She was merely 5 months old.

Sometimes animals happen to form a bond with humans; a bond so strong that only a mother and child can have. This kangaroo namely Queen Abigail has been starting her mornings by giving a hug to her rescuers at the Sanctuary. The caretakers feel so delighted to see Abi coming towards them and enjoying the cuddle.

The sanctuary posted a video of Abi’s hug session back in the year 2013 and people could sense the warmth via the video itself. A hug so warm and cozy that it could melt your heart! There are also recent posts on the Sanctuary’s social media handles that have Abi looking happy and joyful even today.

It seems the kangaroo is grateful to the sanctuary caretakers for saving her life and she considers them her human family. Well, the caretakers enjoy the session too and now that years have passed and the ritual continues, it has definitely become a part of their routine and they absolutely love it. Abi is their favorite girl and it is because of all this that they named her ‘Queen’.

It can be rightly said that animals have emotions too and when they get attached to any human, they make sure to shower love on their human family in one way or the other. We wish people become more lovable towards animals and Abi’s story is definitely going to help us set an example.

Image Credits: Rescued Panda

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