This baby deer became fond of its rescuer, decided not to leave him

This happy news comes to us from Lithuania, Europe.

Darius Sasnauskas a Lithuanian outdoorsman happened to witness a doe giving birth to twin fawns. He got so excited that he waited to see the fawns taking their first baby steps and it was then that he noticed something that broke his heart.

One of the fawns couldn’t walk properly because of its injured leg and the doe moved forward into the wild abandoning the injured baby. Darius couldn’t leave the poor fawn in that state and he immediately scooped up the baby and brought it home.

He nurtured the baby and with the help of an oatmeal box, he made a leg brace. It helped the fawn in coming back to its natural form. In the meanwhile the fawn grew fond of Darius and his two pet dogs. It spent time playing with the dogs and Darius but it was time to go back to the wild.

Darius started a mission of searching a family for the fawn but failed in his first attempt. The fawn followed Darius back home. After repeated attempts, Darius finally spotted the deer who was supposedly the baby’s mother. The baby instantly connected with its family and moved into the wild.

After months, Darius saw that family again and after staring at him, the family swiftly moved into the woods. He was happy to see the baby doing well with his clan and he felt delighted to have handed him over to his mother.

Doesn’t it feels great to see humans bond with animals to such an extent? Darius is an inspiration for millions of people around the globe and we are sure that people will learn something good from his story. We wish a bright future for the little fawn.

Image Source: Good News Network

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