DNA test reunites baby with family

This wonderful news comes to us from India.

Three months after a two month old baby was found abandoned at King’s Circle Railway Station in Mumbai, the infant has been handed over to his grandparents this Wednesday after a DNA test managed to confirm his parentage.

The parents of the child have been booked for the cause of abandonment where they have told the railway police that they are “too poor” and would not be able to raise the child. Taking into account the socio-economic condition of the parents, the police said that they would not be arrested. This has come as a welcome breather to the parents who are too poor to run a family.

The baby was found on September 13 on a bench on platform 1. The baby was straightaway taken to the hospital where he was found to be in a stable condition.

There was a bag beside the baby that the police recovered. The bag helped to furnish clues as to the baby’s parents. The bag had a torn photo of a woman and there was a vague address with a fictitious name. Senior police inspector Rajendra Pal supervised operations that saw police tracking down the baby‘s parents within a week. The parents are Kavita Singh and Sudam, both in their early twenties. They are residents of Kandivli (east).

The parents were living on a hand to mouth existence suffered from extreme poverty, this is why they have abandoned the baby. By the time that the parents were traced, the baby had been transferred to an ashram. The grandparents of the baby wanted to take the infant home but they had to go through a DNA test in order to prove his parentage.

The police conducted a medical test and the results of the test were positive in favor of the grandparents of the child. The DNA test had been ordered by Commissioner of Government Railway Police, Ravindra Sengaokar. After the report arrived, the baby was handed over to his grandparents Revati (45) and Ramshankar (50).

As an additional measure the parents of the baby were provided with counseling before the police let them go.

Image Source (Representative Image): Yahoo

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