Ultrawoman of North India, Manisha Srivastava

This wonderful news comes to us from India.

The Ultraman challenge happens to be one of the toughest endurance triathlons in the world. Last month, it was held in India for the very first time and it saw spirited attendance from the aspiring runners of the country.

Only a dozen athletes managed to finish the extremely exhausting race and thereby etched their names in the history books. One of these athletes was Gurgaon’s Manisha Srivastava. She is the only woman to have completed the Ultraman challenge which included a 10 km swim, a 42 km bike ride, as well as sn 84 km double marathon distance run; all of these is spread over three grueling days. Only a small handful of Indians have managed to ace this tough triathlon and barring Anu Vaidyanathan of Bangalore, all the participants were men.

Manisha is different from other endurance runners and fitness buffs in Gurgaon and Delhi. She happened to be a late bloomer and did not start until she was 42 years old. She says, “I started running quite late in my life. I was 42 and it just happened naturally. Initially I used to run 5k runs. The first jump was to a half marathon distance. When I did well there and had good timing, I became confident that I can push further. The next year, I attempted my first full-marathon and ran another one barely a month later.”

Manisha was a corporate person who had worked in MNC’s HR wing before she started her own firm. However she felt that it was too much work and pressure and a few years ago she gave up the idea of working in order to bring up her daughters.

Manisha only took up running in 2014 and soon fell in love with the activity. This became her full time work. She says, “In 2016 after having done a few marathons, I wanted to do something new, so I tried triathlon. I wasn’t an expert swimmer and at that time, I wanted to do it to confront my fear of the depth. This motivated me to go for triathlons over greater distances. In 2018, I finished Half Ironman and a Full Ironman distance earlier this year.”

We wish Manisha all the best in her endeavors and hope that more women take up running seriously.

Image source: Times Of India

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