This Queensland mum had no idea that her instagram photo would change her life

This happy news comes to us from Queensland, Australia.

Residing in a quaint little country town, Eleesha Quinn couldn’t think of anything to do that would help her in spending time when sitting idle. She took to posting photos on her Instagram account.

After shifting to this town with her husband, Quinn realized that the area was sparsely populated and there weren’t many people around to socialize. She started clicking pictures of her pretty little daughters and one fine day while posting a picture on Instagram, she happened to tag one of the brands from where she had purchased and dressed her daughters in.

She usually dressed them up in matching outfits and that one tag changed her life. The company absolutely loved the picture and they contacted Quinn as they desired to feature her daughters on their page. Their magical journey started on from there and people began sending stuff for the beautiful Quinn angels.

In about four and a half years or so, the Quinn family moved back to their original place of residence as they wanted to get their eldest daughter admitted to a school in Bundaberg. By this time, Eleesha realized that she could use her Instagram page as her full time job scope.

She along with her 3 daughters aged seven, five and three namely Logan, Aleeia and Isla respectively grew popular on Instagram. Eleesha started posting pictures of herself with her daughters on the beach and people loved these lifestyle pictures like anything. In no time, her account had nearly 200000 followers and she started collaborating with fashion brands.

“It’s really fun, I’m able to actually pursue my passions of fashion, photography, travel, all things interiors, life that I love doing. To be able to do it on an everyday basis for my job, it’s great” says Quinn.

While her happiness knows no bounds, Eleesha is a mom first and she keeps her daughters’ priority on top of the brands’ requirements. She has made it a point that she would never force her daughters to do something they don’t want to. If there’s any day they don’t want to get clicked, she would never force it upon them. She has specified this to all the people she works with.

Now isn’t this something a mom does? We wish women like Eleesha always get to fulfill their desires and fly higher.

Image Source: News

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