This Hindu man broke religion dividers

This uplifting news comes to us from Secunderabad, India

Religion is dividing people all over the world but sometimes we come across special souls who keep faith above religion. Muthiyala Dinesh Kumar from Secunderabad always dreamt of getting a job in the US and he prayed in the St Mary’s Basilica housed at the Sarojini Devi Road in Secunderabad. He had promised to donate his first salary to the church as soon as he gets a job overseas.

Few months later, the church underwent repair and renovation process just after Dinesh’s dream job wish got fulfilled. Despite being hindu and the Church not being his place of worship, Dinesh has a strong belief in the Church and it is not the first time that he went to this Church in order to make a wish.

It was back in 2012 when Dinesh and his family connected with this Church and since then this holy place has been their magical abode whenever they are in need of God’s blessings. Dinesh’s father had suffered a major heart attack back then and no temple or any other place of worship being opened that moment during midnight, his mother went to this Church and made up her mind that it was Mother Mary who gave strength to her husband. Dinesh’s father recovered and since then the family have faith in this Basilica.

The Priest parish and other people connected with the Church said that they have never received such a huge amount as donation. Dinesh went on to donate a sum of Rs. 5 lakhs after getting a job in New York. It is truly said that faith helps people in doing the impossible.

The Church is now helping 50 economically weak families by providing them necessities like rice, oil, lentils etc. in order to help them have a joyful Christmas.

Image Source: India Times

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