This village in Maharashtra runs a school for grannies

This inspiring news comes to us from Maharashtra, India.

When someone takes a stand against stereotypes then nothing is impossible. The Phangane village in District Thane, Maharashtra gave the elderly women a reason to smile and fly high.

Aajibaichi Shala meaning a school for grannies had come up in 2016 to support women education and elderly women aged between 60 and 90 years headed to the school in order to study. Inaugurated on International women’s day, the school is set up in two living rooms in a farmer’s house.

An activist Yogendra Bangar along with Motiram Dalal Charitable Trust came up with this inspiring idea of educating the underprivileged and elderly women. The school runs for 2 hours (2 pm to 4 pm) so that the women can finish off their daily household chores in the daytime.

Just like any other normal school, the aajibaichi shala has an assembly first where the ladies offer prayers to the goddess of knowledge. It is followed by classes including co-curricular activities. The school has pink saree as the uniform and the elderly women carry school bags and slates. They also have tests at regular intervals. Painting, mathematics table, nursery rhymes, alphabets etc are taught to the ladies.

Despite a few having hearing or vision disabilities, the ladies of this village have taken this bold move of stepping outside to learn. The grannies feel privileged to be a part of this amazing school and they are elated to get a chance to study at this age. Being deprived of educational right since childhood, it is like a dream come true for the lovely grannies. We hope the school inspires people from other villages too.

Image Source: The Culture Trip

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