Workers supposedly rescue a dog from a frozen river. It turns out to be a wild wolf

This happy news comes to us from Estonia, Europe.

It so happened that a few workers were on duty at the Sindi dam in Estonia. They were into some sort of construction work when 3 labors spotted an animal stuck in a frozen river. They assumed it to be a dog and immediately moved forward for helping the distressed animal. When the dog was unable to deal with the ice surrounding it, the workers started clearing the ice and after sometime they were successful in getting the beast to the shore of the river.

They wrapped the poor animal in a towel but its body being covered in ice, it was difficult for it to survive. They immediately took the dog inside a car and turned on the heater in order to provide warmth. They said that the dog weighed pretty much and they could feel its massive body while climbing up the slope towards the car park area.

They called up animal control and informed them about the situation and they were told to bring the animal to a clinic in a nearby area. The dog was then looked after by the Estonian Union for the Protection of Animals (EUPA).

The workers were then informed that they had rescued a year old wolf. The beast had been suffering from excessive low blood pressure because of the freezing cold. Even after knowing the identity of the beast, people went on to to help it further. The wolf was treated and kept under observation inside a cage in order to ensure safety of the vets.

It was then left into the wild with a tracking collar in order to track its movement. The EUPA then confirmed that the wolf had covered a path of around 43 miles from the spot where it was released. The workers and vets as well as all other people involved were happy to hear about the speedy recovery of the wolf.

It can be seen that humanity still exists in the world. It requires a great deal of courage to come forward and help wild animals and the workers as well the animal control team did a wonderful job of saving the life of the beast. We hope this inspires people to come forward and help wild animals in time of need. Let us spread u happiness and smiles.

Image credit: Facebook

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