This Man of Indian origin wins Aussie of the year award for feeding homeless people

This inspiring news comes to us from Darwin, Australia.

It is not everyday that we get to hear inspiring stories of selfless people who think about helping others time and again. This man of Indian origin namely Tejinder Pal Singh has been working in the Australian city Darwin since 2006 when he came to the city.

Tejinder works double shift; as an air conditioner mechanic during the day and as a cab driver during the night. Despite working so hard, he manages to run a food van on the last Sunday of every month in order to feed the homeless and needy people.

The story goes back to the days when Tejinder had come to the city in 2006 and he heard a racist remark from a passenger. It was then that he decided to do take a step for his community of turban wearers. Tejinder holds the opinion that turban wearers are equal to people from other communities.

It took sometime but eventually Tejinder started a free food van service wherein he cooks and serves free Indian vegetarian food to needy and homeless people. Running the bus around his community, Tejinder is ready to serve free food to one and all irrespective of caste and race. He feels that it is his religion that inspires him to take this small step towards charity.

He is an inspiration for many and he feels that other people should also start free food van service. He has been offered many monetary incentives in return for his food van but like a humble human being Tejinder turned his back towards the offers. Winning the NT Australian of the year award, Tejinder has become a true hero and we salute him for his great deeds.

Image Source:  Made In India

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