Man turns himself into human chair for pregnant wife

This wonderful news comes to us from China.

Love between partners is not supposed to be judged on the basis of expensive gifts but true love can be seen between people who care for each other. This Chinese man proved it to the world that little gestures can mean a lot when in love.

This wonderful couple had paid a visit to a hospital in China in order to consult their doctor. The wife being pregnant  had come to get a regular pregnancy checkup done and was looking for a chair to sit down. When none of the chairs were vacant and no one around her stood up to offer her a seat, her legs began to feel numb.

Since there was a long queue and they had to wait the husband didn’t think about how would people react and he immediately did something wonderful. He lowered his body, bent down and twisted to form a human chair. He then told his wife to sit comfortably on his back and relax until they are called inside the doctor’s chamber. The entire incident was captured and the video gained a loveable response on the Chinese social media. People began pouring in beautiful comments for the couple and the husband is being called the best husband ever.

Relationships truly grow healthy when both the partners are caring and considerate towards each other. The husband’s loving gesture towards his wife has become an inspiration for thousands and we definitely need more men like him. People are seen talking about true love and this couple is the perfect example of what true love is!

Isn’t it absolutely an act to true love? Now this is what we call ‘coming straight out from a fairy tale’.

Image Source: Tabloidxo

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