Bin man spreads happiness by celebrating a 100 year old’s birthday

This happy news comes to us from Kidderminster, England.

It sometimes so happens that we unknowingly develop a bond with a stranger. Ben bird, working as a refuse collector has been collecting bins in Kidderminster and this house belonging to Dorothy Ballard is a special one for him.

Ben exclaimed that Dorothy has a special bonding with him and he also calls her his ‘favorite lady’ in town. The duo is often seen having a chat and Ben stated that Dorothy never leaves a chance to make him laugh.

On one fine day in August this year, Ben was on bin rounds when he got to know that it is his favorite lady’s birthday and the beauty has turned 100. Well, doesn’t it calls for some celebration?

It was then that Ben decided to surprise his friend and he knocked on her door with a cake. Dorothy was unaware of the upcoming surprise and she was on cloud nine when she saw Ben with the surprise cake. Tears of joy rolled down her cheeks while Ben could be seen singing ‘happy birthday’ aloud. When asked to blow out the candles, Dorothy did so and the happiness on her face was heartwarming.

Ben’s fellow mates filmed the surprise and shared it on social media only to make millions of people smile. The video received innumerable views thus making the duo famous for their special bond.

Dorothy also known by the name Mercy is glad there are young lads like Ben who prefer talking to old people. She feels she is privileged to have met a guy and friend like Ben. The world needs more people like him who know how to spread happiness and make people smile. Isn’t Ben a wonderful person?

Image Source: Birminghammail

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