Despite severe heart attack bus driver manages to save lives of passengers

This uplifting news comes to us from Telangana, India.

You must have heard innumerable cases of heroism and humanity but this one’s a bit special because it is not one-sided. It is rightly said that God helps those who help others.

This special incident comes from Telangana, India where this driver Darini Mahender started his bus trip from Godavarikhani and was heading towards Jubilee Bus Station located in Secunderabad. Around the area Kamanpur, Mahender started feeling uneasy and he could sense breathlessness followed by chest pain. Ignoring the pain, he decided to continue with the journey until the bus reaches any hospital.

Despite his efforts, the pain didn’t let him continue further and he ultimately collapsed. By God’s grace, Mahender was able to park the bus safely before collapsing. One of the passenger being a doctor tried looking into the matter while others continued to call 108 for help. A passenger on the bus being a bus driver, drove to a nearby hospital but the absence of medical equipments and doctors left them devastated.

It was time the bus conductor after seeking permission from seniors tried to arrange for a private ambulance but the money collected from the tickets sold was not sufficient enough. The passengers raised an additional INR 2000, booked an ambulance and got Mahender admitted to a hospital.

Mahender, a father of two while recovering on the hospital bed in Karimnagar was thankful to the passengers for saving his life. We salute a hero like Mahender whose dedication towards his job was so strong that he thought of the safety of the passengers first and put his life at stake.

Image Source: Wikipedia

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