Rajacenna: a hyper realistic sketch artist

This wonderful news comes to us from the Netherlands.

Rajacenna is a Dutch celebrity sketch artist who is in the limelight for her hyper- realistic sketches, which are quite indistinguishable from photographs. She started early. When she was 4 years old, she had modeled for various well-known Dutch companies. A year later, aged 5, she started to take roles on Dutch TV shows which included films, Dutch soaps as well as TV-series.

When Rajacenna was 12 she was a presenter for local Dutch children television and web station. This enabled her to interview many different celebrities and musicians. When Rajacenna was 16 years old, she got inspired by a street portrait artist in Italy and she started realistic drawing back in 2009. Her special talent is that her drawings are almost impossible to distinguish from a photograph. In February of 2010, her work was published in an American art book which contained realistic pencil portrait drawings created by some of the most gifted artists in the world.

Rajacenna’s special ability is that she can sketch two drawings simultaneously using both the left and the right hands. And the quality of her sketches does not suffer for the same. She is the youngest artist to make it big, at 21 years of age. She was commissioned to create a video to teach children drawing and her drawings of Justin Beiber and Lady Gaga have attracted worldwide attention.

After appearing in many TV and radio programs along with magazines and newspapers Rajacenna has become an idol amongst the youth by inspiring both adults and children to draw. Her drawing videos are used in art schools as teaching examples.

Video Source: YouTube

Image source: Rajacenna


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