Nigerian man invents smokeless stove

This wonderful news comes to us from Nigeria.

Max Chinah, a 26 year old Nigerian inventor, has succeeded in inventing a smokeless stove which he has patented with his partner Attigah. He says that the need to do something to positively impact people’s lives has pushed him into doing something that can help the earth.

The Nigerian inventor hopes that his invention will positively impact the saving of lives all over the world.

Max’s company is called Terraoak and it will start producing the stoves on a very large scale. Max says that this will be a move to make sure that the environment remains green and also reduce the threat of global warming.

Another added feature of his smokeless stove is that it can convert heat into electricity and has an USB port to allow for charging of a phone.

Max says that even though he wanted to be an entrepreneur, his heart lies with helping the people.

Terraoak is also looking towards the marketing of the smokeless stove to the army of campers for outdoor cooking. The company is also working out an arrangement to distribute 1,000 such smokeless stoves to the rural Kenyan farmers.

Max has a degree in computer science, however it was his vast experience that he gathered at the Clinton Global Initiative at Miami that had a huge impact on his fledgling career as a budding inventor.

Max says that he had a strong urge to be an entrepreneur but that urge was deflected to another path where he could actively impact people’s lives in a positive manner. He signs off by saying that he hopes that his invention inspires other people the world over and puts them on the path to entrepreneurship.

We certainly hope that people like Max Chinnah are out there in numbers, all ready to change the way we go about our lives.

Image source: Africans Live

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