Book owner spots her favorite childhood book in a museum after 25 long years

This happy news comes to us from England.

How do you feel when you reunite with something that was very close to your heart during your childhood? Well, England’s Zoe Andrews felt elated to find her favorite childhood book at a museum shop.

Frances Hodgson Burnett’s “The Secret Garden” was Zoe’s and her sister Hannah’s favorite childhood book and the duo had handed over the novel to an Oxfam charity shop. On the front cover could be found Hannah’s name that too in hieroglyphics.

The sisters had totally forgotten about their dear novel with passing time and who knew that 25 years down the line Zoe would be on cloud nine after spotting her copy at ‘The Museum of English Rural Life in Reading’. She spotted it at the second hand shop of the museum and could not believe her eyes when she saw her hand drawn doodles inside the book pages.

She instantly paid 50 pence and bought her book back. Nostalgia hit her hard and Zoe instantly messaged her mom about the bizarre but happy incident. She recalled her childhood days when she along with her baby sister used to read the book and how they were so fond of it.

Danielle Eade, a staff at the museum found the incident to be heartwarming and requested Zoe for a picture with the novel.

The incident inspired other people on social media and the museum’s twitter handle was full of stories from people who found their hidden or lost possessions after ages. Zoe is happy to see the positive response and the love she has been receiving from strangers from all around the world.

The book has finally reached its destination and it must be looking lovely on Zoe’s shelf.

Image Source: Good News Network

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