Ludhiana boy joins car bonnet to bike, goes viral

This wonderful news comes to us from India.

There are truly no limits to innovation. The mental application of sharp minds around the world has rightly proved it so. One of these stories comes from Ludhiana wherein a boy has converted his bike into a car, though not totally but in a rather convincing manner.

A video is doing the rounds on Twitter recently where a boy from Ludhiana can be seen riding in the vehicle he has made himself. The vehicle in question is quite a weird one. From the back it looks like a bike, but that is where the similarities end, the vehicle gradually transforms into the cockpit of a car.

While a lot of these concepts include a sidecar, this invention is entirely different. The boy from Ludhiana has taken the handlebar out from the vehicle and replaced it with the bonnet of a car. Hence, the vehicle allows a couple to sit at the front while they are propelled by a single motorcycle wheel at the back.

The video caption rightly states that “India’s got talent”. The person who took the video is seen talking to the boys on the contraption. The driver of the vehicle states that the vehicle is a self-made vehicle and he shows the person around the cockpit which comes with gears and a brake. He goes on to add that it took around Rs 17,000 to build the vehicle and that his father, a welder by profession, also helped him with the project.

Image source: India Times

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