Afghan girl rejoins school after mother’s successful eye surgery

This wonderful news comes to us from Gurugram, India.

A Gurugram private school recently went out of its way to help one of its students named Amira who is studying in class VI. The school observed that the student who had migrated to India from Afghanistan was not attending her classes for over a month.

The school got concerned about the prolonged absence of Amira and started enquiries about the girl. It was then that the school found out that the student was staying at home, helping her mother, Mehrunissa aged 42 who was suffering from Glaucoma.

The management of the school also discovered that the Afghan family was not being able to gather enough resources in order to get the surgery done. It was then that the school decided to help out Amira’s family and get the surgery of the mother carried out in one of the well- known eye hospitals in the city.

The school tied up with one of the NGO’s in the city which took up the responsibility of checking the different eye hospitals in the city to find out which doctors could get the surgery done at the earliest. Finally the NGO settled upon a hospital that was located on New Railway Road.

The surgery was conducted successfully a week ago and doctors say Mehrunissa who was seeing things hazily would now get back her vision with time.

We should note that Amira and her family had been facing hardships for a long time now. Abdul Majid, the girl’s father works as a chef in a restaurant in Gurugram. Majid had migrated to India 15 years ago in a bid to escape the many attacks and unrelenting life in Afghanistan.

Amira has rejoined her school after the successful surgery and the authorities say that she is rapidly catching up on her studies.

Image Source: Millennium Post

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