Heart warming smile of miracle baby saves his life

This uplifting news comes to us from Bristol, England.

A heartwarming picture of little baby boy smiling at his dad after waking up from coma won the hearts of thousands of people. Michael who survived a cardiac arrest is surely a miracle baby.

The little bundle of joy was merely 14 weeks old when he was diagnosed with cardiac tumor after the heart attack he had at his home in Bristol. When in coma, doctors described his condition to be rare in UK. After staying in coma for 5 days, the baby finally woke up and smiled at his dad. His mother Emma could not help but captured her baby’s smile.

The Labuschagnes were then told to get Michael diagnosed at the top pediatric hospital namely Boston Children’s Hospital. Well, the hospital has the best team of surgeons who have carried out this complex procedure and have come out successful. The couple went on to create a fundraiser at GoFundMe in order to raise $147,000 (£116,000) for the operation to get the baby’s tumor removed.

Emma had no clue that the miracle smile of her baby will melt thousands of hearts and they managed to raise $253,000 (£197,000). She was shocked to see that the amount raised was much more than the required operation cost.

Emma thanked the supporters with all her heart and said that the massive amount raised would not only cover the operation charges but post operation, travel, and other medical expenses as well. She also said that any surplus left after all of this would be then donated to other families undergoing the same situation.

It is rightly said that God helps us in one way or the other. We wish baby Michael a speedy recovery and hope to see more pictures of him smiling.

Image Source: GoFundMe

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