Green initiative for wedding invitation

This wonderful news comes to us from India.

In order to bring awareness of the environment, a family in Bhopal sent invitations to 400 people by writing the name of the bride and the groom on flowerpots instead of cards at the wedding.

There were different kinds of plants in the 400 pots , they had been planted 8 month ago. Rajkumar Kanakane’s son who is a resident of Tulsi Nagar was married on 20th November for which the invitations were sent in the form of flowerpots.

The name of the bride and the groom were inscribed on the pots and boards were placed at the wedding venue which asked the invitees to not bring bouquets and to avoid plastic use. Also the guests were asked not to leave food at the tables and to take as much food as they needed.

At first when the marriage of Pranshu was fixed, the family at first thought of distributing marriage cards. At that time, the elder son of the family, Prateek said that they should innovate on the wedding invitation so that people would be made aware of the environment. Thus the family decided that the people would be invited by printing the name of the bride and the groom on the pots of 8 month old saplings. They arrived at a consensus for being environment friendly.

The whole idea was to make the people forget about the cards but if the pots remain in the homes of the invitees, they would always remember Rajkumar Kanakane’s family. Prateek says that the whole idea of inviting the people via the 400 flowerpots was a huge success. For relatives who stayed outside Bhopal, the family invited them with the help of Whatsapp messages. According to the family this experiment was a big success and people appreciated the message sent out through the flowerpot invitations.

Image source: Indian Express

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