105 year old appears for the 4th standard examinations

This wonderful news comes to us from Kerala, India.

Despite having age related issues, a 105 year old woman from Kerala broke all records to appear for the 4th standard equivalency examination which is conducted by the state literacy mission. The woman is Bhageerathi Amma and she always wanted to study and gather knowledge. Unfortunately she had to give up on her dreams because her mother passed away and she needed to take care of her younger siblings.

Another misfortune occurred when she was in her 30’s, she lost her husband and following this the entire responsibility of bringing up her 6 children which included 4 daughters, fell on her shoulders.

As Bhageerathi got ready to give her exam in Kollam, she became the oldest “equivalency learner”  in the Kerala State Literacy Mission Program till date.

Since Bhageerathi Amma had difficulty in writing, she took three days to write the paper which included question papers on the Environment, Maths, and also Malayalam. She was helped by her younger daughter but that does not take anything away from her achievement.

Even at such an advanced age, Bhageerathi Amma has quite a sharp memory, no problems related to her eyesight and she also sings quite well. Amma was very happy at having finally appeared for the exams and was excited too because she had left her formal education at the age of 9, this was when she was in class three.

Bhageerathi Amma’s one grievance was that she had not of yet received either a widow or an old age pension because she lacked an Adhaar card. She hopes the government will work something out.

Image source: News18

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