Canadian ATC’s send pizza to US Counterparts

This wonderful news comes to us from Canada.

As a way of showing solidarity across international borders, the Canadian Air Traffic Controllers have sent pizza to their American counterparts amidst the government shutdown affecting the United States of America.

The air traffic controllers are among the thousands of government employees who will not be receiving their paychecks during the course of the shutdown but the air traffic controllers are still being forced to work.

The CATCA center in Edmonton, Alberta was the first center to order pizza for their American counterparts because their unit works very closely with the control center based in Anchorage, Alaska.

As the news of the good gesture filtered across social media, more and more Canadian Air Traffic Controllers joined the movement and ordered pizza for their American counterparts.

Some of the Canadian CATCA centers ordered pizza for the US bases on the other side of the border, and also some control centers have ordered pizza for any American unit that shares a common trait with them. For example, a Fort McMurray base has ordered pizza for El Paso Texas on the grounds that they are both oil towns.

In excess of 350 pizzas have been sent to the American Air Traffic Controllers and the number is expected to grow.

Peter Duffey who is the president of the Canadian Air Traffic Control Association says, “ In the big scheme of things, sending some pizzas to people that are missing paychecks is a small gesture. But the message that is sends them is a big gesture.”

Image source: The Moscow Times

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