9 year old set to graduate from university- will work on artificial hearts

This wonderful news comes to us from London, UK.

He is not a typical child prodigy-he does not play chess or any of the musical instruments. However, he loves Minecraft and Fortnite and watches Netflix when he can. Very soon, Laurent Simons, all of 9 years old, from Belgium will earn the distinction of becoming one of the youngest people in the world to graduate from the university.

Unlike other child prodigies, Laurent is heavily into Instagram, according to a recent count he had over 13,000 followers. Born in Belgium, Laurent studies electrical engineering at the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands. Laurent entered the program when he was 8 and 10 months from now, will complete his three-year program. If things go as planned and he does manage to complete his final project which is about a brain connected chip, he will emerge a graduate in December.

Laurent’s father says that outside of school, Laurent is a normal child, just like any other. His IQ is 145 and his father says, “Laurent’s absorption capacity is very high, which means we can cover a lot more material in a short span of time.” The university spokeswoman confirmed that Laurent was on course to graduate before the year ended.

Laurent’s parents have turned him into a celebrity, making him available for interviews and by organizing news conferences. On the 9 year old’s Instagram account a photo shows him sitting in front of a television crew. It had the caption “Busy Week With Interviews”, and the hashtags #laurentsimons and #giganticplans.

Laurent says that he would like to study in the US. He signs off by saying that he wanted to create artificial hearts because his grandparents have heart conditions.

Image source: NewsLibre

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