Philippine village exchanges plastic for rice

This wonderful news comes to us from Philippines.

A brilliant and innovative community program in the Philippines is taking on two of the most serious problems of a village; hunger as well as the enormous amount of plastic waste lining the streets.

IN spite of the fact that a kilo of rice costs only 70 cents, the cost for food is a serious concern for many of the villagers who live in Bayanan and are below the poverty line. This is the reason why the village elders launched a program which offers 1 kilogram of rice for the exchange of 2 kilos of plastic waste.

According to reports, Philippines is among the world’s top contributors of marine pollution and is second only to China and Indonesia. Philippines generates in excess of 2.7 million tons of plastic waste every year and out of this 20% leaks into the vulnerable oceans.

The organization that ran the report says, “ The Philippine government has adopted a number of laws needed to help mitigate solid waste. The problem is these laws and product bans don’t work well if community members don’t understand the consequences of their actions or know why these policies were designed. “

The Bayanan program has addressed this problem by incentivizing the villagers, so that they keep the streets clean in exchange of rice, which is sure to go down well with the villagers who consider it to be their primary staple.

Village chief Andor San Pedro revealed that the program organizers had been able to collect in excess of 214 kilos of plastic along with recyclables in the last month, all of the collected plastic has been sent forth to government facilities for processing.

The organizers are hopeful that the success of the program will help to inspire other villages to follow their lead.

Image source: YouTube

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