Man plants lush forest in cold climate

This wonderful news comes to us from India.

A farmer, bold and determined has had success where others have failed by growing a lush and green oasis in the middle of a cold desert.

Anand Dhawaj Negi took retirement from his job in the government so that he could actively pursue his passion in trying to plant trees in the remote and mountainous regions of North India.

The agricultural department has classified more than 1 million acres of desert landscape as uncultivable. Negi was however very determined to make something grow out there.

In the initial days, when he first began his labor of love in Himachal Pradesh, he exhausted all his savings on testing the different combinations of local farming practices, replacing them with more scientific processes of cultivation. In the beginning, his saplings had a high mortality of 85%. However as he perfected his techniques, the mortality rate dropped to an amazing low of 1%.

As of now, Negi cares for more than 160 acres of forest in Kinnaur and also grows kidney beans, potatoes, apples, green peas and apricot. He has generously shared his technique of farming with other locals so that they can go ahead and cultivate their own food as well as greenery.

In a recent interview, Negi says that he is concentrating his energies on planting coniferous trees, which according to him are essential for battling the climate change in the region.

Image Source: Down To Earth

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