Groundbreaking Nasal Filters for polluted air

This wonderful news comes to us from Delhi, India.

IIT Delhi has invented a state of the art nasal filter for Delhi’s polluted air. The nasal filter, called Nasofilters, is a patch that sticks on the nasal orifice. It has the advantage that it does not get inside the nose and it does not cover the face either.

The Nasofilters are successful in restricting all the pollutants and also the smallest of bacteria from entering into the body through the nose. One of the biggest advantages of these nasal filters is that you can speak while it is on and also you can have your food without obstruction.

The filters have an astounding success rate of 95 per cent and each filter lasts for 8-10 hours. The biggest advantage of the Nasofilters is that it costs only 10 rupees and thus is very affordable for all.

The technology used in manufacturing Nasofilters is called nanotechnology, The inventors have manufactured nanofibers which are 100 times smaller than the thread of a normal fabric. The pore density of a normal fabric is increased by millions of times on a unit area. This is the technology that the scientists have used to make the filter media of the Nasofilters. This gives the Nasofilters a very high efficiency in order to restrict PM 2.5 which is the most penetrating particle along with the smallest of the bacteria.

One of the inventors says that the idea originated to solve one of the personal problems that he was facing. His mother was an asthmatic and he was looking to get a product to ease her problem in the early days. On researching the problem he found that it was an issue with millions of Indians around the country.

The founding team is made up of expert IIT Delhi graduates as well as IIT Delhi professors from the textile department. Together, the team has built the design and the technology of the Nasofilters. Ever since they debuted, they have been getting queries as well as responses from schools and school staff, employees, companies, industries, hospitals as well as individual households.

Image source: Nasofilters

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