Musician gets back his lost antique violin

This wonderful news comes to us from England.

Stephen Morris is a famed English violinist who has played for the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in London and also performed with U2 and Stevie Wonder. So, when he realized that he had left behind his 310 year old violin on the train, he feared that he would never see it again.

Morris had been recording throughout the day at Abbey Road Studios and was quite exhausted at the end of the day. Late last month when he came out of the Southeastern Railway from London, he was so tired that he did not realize that he had left behind his precious violin on the train.

Morris was reportedly “devastated”. The violin happens to be one of the few surviving instruments that were made by the Roman craftsman David Tecchler back in 1709. It is not only the violin’s $320,000 worth but also the fact that Morris has been playing the violin for the last 15 years.

Morris was desperate to recover his violin and this led him to contact the British Transport Police to check if it had been returned. Officers went through the CCTV footage and found out that the violin had been picked up by another passenger. In desperation, Morris created social media accounts so that he could request the people to return his instrument. The person responsible for taking the violin was treated as a suspect, also the CCTV footage was featured on national news.

Several days later after this, Morris received a phone call from the person who recognized the person on the train. Subsequently, Morris was put in touch with the person who had taken the violin and found out that the person was quite eager to return the instrument.

Morris reassured the man that he would not be arrested and met the man in a grocery store parking lot, finally reuniting with his beloved instrument. The instrument, as well as the contents of the case was in perfect condition and the violin was still in tune.

Morris was overwhelmed with the return of the violin and found out that the man was very apologetic, who said that he wanted to return the violin in person to Morris.

Morris says that he is still to get over the shock of getting back his violin and played “Amazing Grace“ for the assembled reporters.

Image source: SputnikNews

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