Sentinel Construction worker gets senior to accept free roof

This wonderful news comes to us from Canada.

After a Canadian senior stubbornly refused to accept any form of assistance from a very compassionate construction worker by the name of Jeremy Locke, the ingenious construction worker played a trick, albeit innocent, to get the senior to accept his kind offer for help.

Jeremy Locke owns a roofing and construction company based out of Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, and he had always wanted to repair the roof of the house of Jeanette MacDonald’s house. At all times when he drove past the woman’s house, he had taken it for granted that the roof was in a sorry state because there would be carpenters working on the house. However as the weeks rolled out, the roof sadly continued to deteriorate without any visible signs of renovation.

Locke says, “I had it in my mind that if no one steps up to help this lady in our community, I’d be more than happy to help.”

Locke finally spoke to MacDonald about fixing her room free of charge, but the elderly woman politely declined his offer because she was not one to accept charity. Besides saying this she also told Locke that she had applied for a government grant in order to fix her roof and once that was approved, she would be more than happy to hire Locke for the job of fixing her roof.

However, most unfortunately, MacDonald never received the government approval.

Locke, persistent as ever to help out the woman, came up with an ingenious method. He invited MacDonald to take part in a raffle that his business was holding and the prize was a free roof. MacDonald, a grandmother of four, finally accepted one of the raffle tickets offered by Locke. He finally told the woman that she was the winner of the raffle , because she was the only participant of the raffle.

Because of his ingenious little scheme, Locke finally got to make MacDonald to accept his offer for help and that too in a manner that did not hurt the sensibilities of the senior woman. Thanks to his scheme, Locke and his well-trained crew have started work on the roof this week, and the whole operation will cost his company around $9,000.

MacDonald says that she doesn’t know how to express her gratitude to Locke and she calls him her ‘Guardian Angel”, adding that there’s nobody out there like him.

Image source: CBC

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