68 year old cancer survivor turns Singham

This uplifting news comes to us from Mumbai, India.

A 68 year old cancer survivor who despite having trouble getting up from her train seat, went to the extent of searching for the thief who had fled with her handbag on a busy Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaja Terminus platform. Upon spotting him, she grappled with the thief and even hauled him back to the coach all by herself. As the thief started to break free, she raised an alarm and a gathering of ticket checkers came to the rescue, chasing the thief across the platforms as he tried to get away.

The thief, Ahmed Ilyas Sunsara a 26 year old was eventually caught but he refused to own up to the theft. That is until other items were found on him, proving him to be the thief. The woman, Mugdha Gole says, ‘I don’t know where I found the strength to fight a thief that day. After my cancer surgery, I haven’t been able to move around quickly and take a long time getting up once I’ve sat down.

Mugdha and her husband Avdhoot (70) are residents of Mumbai and they had boarded the Mahalaxmi Express on October 28th to travel to Kolhapur. Avdhoot recounts, ‘We had placed our bags in coach B2 when Mugdha went to the washroom around 7;40 PM. Suddenly a man walked up to me and asked me directions to coach B1. He claimed to be illiterate and while I was speaking to him, his partner picked up Mugdha’s handbag and walked away. But before he could reach the door, Mugdha spotted him. She asked him why he was carrying her bag. But the thief brazenly replied that her bag was on her seat and this was his bag.’

Mugdha realized that the man was a thief and she tried to snatch her bag back, but the thief would not let go of it and jumped off the train. Mugdha returned to her seat , furious with herself. However she got up again in a bit in order to find the thief.

Avdhoot says, ‘She told me not to leave the coach as I had recently undergone a bypass. She then paced around the platform till she spotted the thief again. This time she wrapped one arm around his neck and the other around his waist and hauled him back into the coach. The thief was half her age and tried to free himself. He spotted me standing at one door of the coach and managed to run out the other.’

Mugdha raised an alarm again and this time three young ticket checkers responded. They gave pursuit from platform 14 to platform 17. The thief was nabbed eventually and valuables like keys and tickets were found. But cash and a phone could not be found. Mugdha’s bag was hidden on top of a fan in A1 coach. Had it not been for Mugdha’s bravery and resilience, the thieves would have got away, free to target other passengers at will.

Image source: Mid Day

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