Homes for the homeless in France

This wonderful news comes to us from France.

As we step into winter and feel the winter chill on our bones, we are thankful for the presence of our homes which provide us with warmth and shelter. But not everyone is as lucky as us. With the winter out there at full blast, spare a thought for the homeless who live without shelter. Homelessness is a real issue nowadays and just our sympathies will not help them in keeping warm.

An engineer in France has come up with a very innovative idea for the homeless people. He has designed a pop-up igloo which can be erected at ease for comfortably fitting one person. This shelter is made from polyethylene foam with a covering of aluminum foil. The presence of this double layer means that the freezing temperature is prevented from coming inside the shelter and the interiors of the shelter are at 15 degrees warmer than the temperature outside. These are insulated igloos we are talking about here and they also absorb the body heat in addition to having solar lighting for added privacy. The igloos happen to be compacted easily, can be repaired, and are waterproof and recyclable.

Paris has nearly 3000 homeless people. To their rescue comes Geoffrey de Reynal who is an MSc in Energy Engineering. While he was working as a quality manager on wind construction sites, and coming to know of the terrible conditions in Paris he used whatever expertise he had in order to address this social issue.

The igloo is not only a protection from the harsh winter, but it also serves to protect against things like muggings and robbery, something that the homeless people are especially susceptible to. The roads are extremely scary at night and the homeless people are the most vulnerable section of the society. As a plus, the homeless can have a bit of privacy and intimacy when they are in the igloo.

The homeless now have the ability to get all of the comforts that a regular house might provide. Starting from security, a habitable climate and an agreeable place where there will be a place to share an intimate moment without the world being witness to it. Geoffrey de Reynal has additionally made the tents very compact, easily repairable, recyclable and waterproof. Also if it gets dirty, one can just go ahead and wash it without it getting spoilt.

The test phase saw 9 igloos being distributed in squats in Bordeaux, and the results were very encouraging indeed. Those who got the igloo did not want to relinquish it and those who didn’t, wanted one as soon as possible. As of the moment, the igloo concept is being crowdfunded because the designer wants to create thousands of igloos by the year 2020.

Image source: Architecture Design

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