Startup’s device can convert your AC into an air purifier

This wonderful news comes to us from Delhi, India.

In order to battle the high price of air purifiers and to offer a more economical solution to counter indoor air pollution, Nasofilters- a startup of IIT Delhi- has introduced Nanoclean AC filters which are filters that enable all AC’s to purify the air. According to the company, the Nanoclean filters can be paired with any conventional AC and the result is a high degree of efficiency compared to leading air purifiers in India.

There has been a rapid rise in the air pollution in the big cities of India and this has fuelled the demand for indoor air purifiers. But the steep cost of air purifiers becomes a major deterrent for most families. Again, with limited household budgets people are found to be more interested in purchasing AC’s to ward off the hot summer. Nasofilters is trying to bridge the cost versus necessity gap.

These filters have a simple working mechanism. Every AC comes with a plastic mesh air filter. The Nanoclean AC filter needs to be affixed to this plastic mesh with the help of double-sided tape. Nasofilters claim that there will be no hindrance to the air circulation of the AC and neither will they require extra power from the AC. This means that there will be no additional electricity bill.

While the AC circulates the cool air in a room, the filter will trap PM2.5 as well as other micro-particle pollutants. According to the company, it can purify 90% of the air in a room within an hour,

The Nanoclean AC filters are however not washable. The filters will turn black over time as they are engaged to weed out particulate matter, and a user will have to keep an eye on the filter to change it in time.

Last year, Nasofilters made the headlines when they had brought extremely affordable nasal filters to the market. The company has plans to launch even more affordable solutions to tackling air pollution on the individual level.

Also, traditional AC bands in India have shown an interest in partnering with this startup to include the Nanoclean filters in their new AC lineup.

Image Source: Whats Hot

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