Synergy-helping Kerala senior citizens to achieve their dreams

This wonderful news comes to us from Kerala, India.

Lathika Divakaran a 60-year-old former woman mason harbored a dream of obtaining her class 10 pass certificate. She managed to achieve her goal with help from her friends based in a senior citizens forum called Synergy out of Kerala’s Kottayam. Lathika is now working hard to obtain her class 12 certificate.

Again, 80-year-old Sisiliama Sebastian has managed to publish two novels with the help of Synergy. She can hardly believe that she has achieved her long-cherished dream.

69-year-old Molly Thomas, a retired government employee and also an active member of Synergy, says that here they grow together without the age barrier and do everything that they love to do with the support, compassion, and encouragement of the group.

Around 5 years ago, the former National Service Scheme Program Coordinator C Thomas Abraham conducted a Theme Centered Interaction (a concept aimed at social learning and self-development) workshop at  MG University. One of the attendees, MC Joseph Mukkadan and a few others were inspired enough to gather at Thomas Abraham’s house.

The numbers kept adding up and swelling and soon Synergy was formed around the TCI concept in Kottayam’s Kumaranelloor. Ever since the establishment of the group, the participants gather on the second Tuesday of every month in order to share thoughts, dreams, goals and also to laugh, dance and do whatever else they love to do.

The group now has 60 members. MC Joseph says, “Here we concentrate on personality development by achieving what we wish for. We are likeminded people with similar views on life. We all come from socio-economic backgrounds but we are all equal here. We help each other grow and live gracefully. Religion, political differences, and economic status, none of them matter over here.”

Everyone is allowed to express their smallest dreams in the Synergy gatherings and they receive support to make their dream come true. A lot of members had a passion to dance. They did not get a chance earlier to learn and perform. They also did not think that they would take up dancing after retirement but Synergy is making it possible.

Synergy also has a song group where the interested persons can sing. The reading forum is another aspect that goes down very well with the members. In the forum, the members are encouraged to discuss the books that they read. There is also a circulation library at Synergy so the members get to read more books.

To top it off, Synergy also publishes a magazine where the members can publish their creations, whether it is a story, poem, essay or novel.  Another activity that the synergy members are doing is traveling. They do not let their age stop them from achieving their dreams. If it is not financially possible for the participant to travel, the others help them.

Synergy’s most recent achievement is the establishment of an academy where underprivileged children will be helped with their education. Synergy is certainly helping people to spread their wings and fly!

Image source: The News Minute

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