Tiny house village for Canadian veterans

This wonderful news comes to us from Canada.

More than a dozen former members of the Canadian Armed Forces had been forced to sleep on the streets till now. Very soon they will finally have proper roofs over their heads.

In Calgary, the “Homes for Heroes” Village is the nation’s first housing complex built for homeless veterans, the residents are all ready to move in this weekend. The village comprises of 15 houses, they have all been equipped with everything from cable and Internet to fully functioning kitchens as well as outdoor decks.

The Village complex has also been equipped with additional on-site resources which include mental health support, counseling, career training, mentoring, case management and also community gardens.

Homes for Heroes Foundation president and co-founder David Howard says, “Our team at the Homes for Heroes Foundation has met with hundreds of veterans who are in crisis and experiencing homelessness. We wanted to build a program that can help them with a successful transition to civilian life. Our veterans are proud warriors, proud of their service and proud to be citizens of Canada. They want a hand-up, not a hand-out. We listened to what they had to say and we designed our foundation around meeting their needs.”

This innovative village was built by ATCO who is a Calgary based global provider of integrated energy, housing, transportation and infrastructure solutions with a $1.5 million one of a kind donation.

Even though this is the very first village of its kind in Canada, the Homes for Heroes Foundation has already acquired additional land agreements for more villages in Ontario and Edmonton.

Howard signs off by saying, “I expect this to end the issue of veterans experiencing homelessness and I think that we can do that within 12-13 years.”

Image source: Global News

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