Smart garbage monitoring system developed by engineer duo

This wonderful news comes to us from Karnataka, India.

A couple of engineering students from Central University have succeeded in developing a smart garbage monitoring system that promise to solve the problem of overflowing dustbins.

In an attempt to keep the environment clean, the two engineering students have devised a smart garbage monitoring system which is in the form of a dustbin enabled with sensors. The dust bin will also send a message to the higher authorities in the case of the dustbin not being cleaned for a long time.

The two engineering students of the Electrical Engineering department have worked on the project for over a long year. Their chief focus was on the problem of overflowing dustbins. The system developed by them helps to determine the level of garbage in the dustbin and it also alerts the higher authorities for immediate action in case no action is taken.

Sneha, one of the two engineers said,” We both noticed that the dustbins are not being cleaned on time, hence leading them to overflow and garbage being spilled everywhere. The authorities could not keep a track of it. Just providing bins is not enough.”

Sneha continues,” After a lot of research we came up with the idea of a smart garbage bin. It took us a lot of time to complete because we had to understand all the components first.” Sneha adds, “The cost of this dustbin in the market will be between Rs 500 to Rs 1000 depending on the size of the dustbin. We have used some sensors which will send a message to the authorities and the GPS module has been used to help the authorities locate the bin. The concerned cleanliness worker will receive a message regarding the garbage level at regular intervals and if the dust bin is not cleared within 40 minutes, the message is designed to alert the higher authorities.”

The assistant professor of the electric engineering department had some kind words for the two pioneers. “ Students got this idea by visiting different garbage sites and this made them realize that there are some serious problems in maintaining the garbage. The project was started in October 2018 and was finished in March 2019.

He also says, “ This system will detect the level of garbage and accordingly it will send a text message to the concerned worker. This will make them clean the dustbin on time. These messages will also go to the higher authorities in case there is any negligence on the part of the concerned worker.”

Image source: India Today

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