Paramedics deliver twins in ambulance

This wonderful news comes to us from Goa, India.

It happened to be an unforgettable experience for both parties. Paramedics Priyanka and PramilaKamble had never ever delivered a child before and it was also Shubdam Devi’s first set of twins. The three women fought against all odds, giving each other strength and courage up until the wee hours of Friday morning, all geared towards delivering two beautiful baby boys.

The paramedics needed to work twice as hard as compared to their colleagues because the delivery had to be done in a 108 ambulance. The ambulance received a call at half-past 11 on Thursday from Cansua village near Verna and the paramedic team duly reached Devi’s home. Shubdam Devi, the mother of 26 years, was already in active labor and her water had broken at about 6 pm.

There is no maternity hospital in the village because of which Shubdam Devi had to depend on a city hospital for the delivery of her babies. The ambulance was headed towards Hospico in Margao when the ambulance had to stop at a rail-gate for the passing train.

Devi’s labor pains intensified at this very moment.

The paramedics had two options. They could wait for the train to pass and risk the mother’s life by driving all the way to Margao or they could carry out the procedure themselves.

The ambulance driver parked the ambulance at a safe spot for the comfort of the mother and the Kamble girls started assisting Devi in her difficult task. The procedure was a success and Devi gave birth to two bonny baby boys. The mother and her twins were in good health and were later transferred to Hospico.

The Health Minister VishwajeetRane later posted a tweet congratulating the team. He says,” Our paramedic staff of 108 services successfully helped deliver lovely twins in the ambulance itself as there was no time to shift the mother to a hospital because of labor pain. Such dedication to service is truly heartwarming and inspiring. Congratulations to all.”

Image source: Times Of India

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