Mumbai domestic help is also a stand up comic

This inspiring news comes to us from Mumbai, India.

She wakes up at 4 am, gets ready and rushes to the local train station in Mumbai; not just to get to work but also to sell imitation jewelry to passengers on the train. By 6:30 after finishing her train rounds, 43-year-old Deepika Mhatre heads to the first of the five homes she also cooks in. Her entire day is spent cooking for families and she is free only at 4 pm.

In her tedious routine of earning money for her family of five, cooking for five homes and traveling between her home in Nala Sopara to Malad, Deepika finds the humor of the rare kind that sees her take to the stage at stand -up comedy shows. Almost exclusively associated with an urban setting, grievances, and experiences, you would not often associate stand- up comedy with the experiences of domestic help. But as Deepika begins her act, she says, “I have seen stand- up comedians often sharing stories about their maids, but now, I will speak.”

She smiles sweetly at her audience throughout her act, waits for the applause to die down after each punchline, and drops truth bombs like second nature. Deepika manages to win the hearts of her audience straight from the very first minute.

The truth of the matter is that Deepika has not changed careers at all. She still works as a cook and sells jewelry on trains! The only difference is that now she sometimes gets a gig for which she heads straight after finishing her chores for the five homes.

Deepika says that it all started when Sangeeta Das at whose home Deepika works arranged a talent show for “bai log”. She was given a platform to showcase her talents as a fun activity where she told jokes. That was when she decided to take her jokes to the stage.

Rachel Lopez working with the Hindustan times spotted Deepika at her first show and knew that she had a great future in comedy. She wasted no time in contacting Aditi Mittal, an established comic in India and introduced her to Deepika. After a couple of meetings, Deepika was asked if she would be willing to move to the professional stage.

Deepika doesn’t sound sad or tired when you speak to her, but the truth is that Deepika has to shoulder the financial responsibility of the family since her husband doesn’t keep well. He has asthma and Deepika has high blood sugar, somewhat decapitating her, hence all offers of help would be welcome.

Image source: The Better India

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