Miracle baby embraces new life after rising from the pit

This heartwarming story comes to us from New Delhi, India.

This Wednesday saw the TC5 ward of AIIMs Trauma Center buzzing with excitement. The staff who were posted in the ward headed straight to say goodbye to an abandoned toddler called “Chikki”. Chikki is all of only 3 years and she had been left to die in a 15 feet deep pit in Bulandshahar district. Locals spotted Chikki in the pit and reported it to the police. She was rushed to the district hospital initially and later on 25th September she had been transferred to AIIMS Trauma Center.

The toddler suffered from abrasions all over her body, she had two fractures in the skull bone and there was also an internal injury in the brain that was causing her weakness in the right side of the body. She was kept in the ICU for four days and after her condition had stabilized, she was shifted to TC5 ward and here she was fondly referred to and called Chikki. The nursing staff who was taking care of her said that her recovery has been nothing short of miraculous and that she is perfectly fine no, playing and laughing like any other baby.

The police over the last three weeks have failed to find her parents. A constable deployed by the UP government for the child’s care said that all police stations near the pit where Chikki was found have been notified to trace her parents. And it is quite possible that Chikki’s parents abandoned her. It was thus decided that Chikki would be handed over to an NGO for further care and the hospital is also looking into whether the toddler can be adopted by somebody.

Over the last three weeks, the AIIMS staff have been Chikki’s family. On Wednesday as the toddler was being prepared for discharge, they could be seen packing all the gifts that they had got for her. It included biscuits, balloons, soft toys and a pink bag full of clothes.

Dr. Deepak Gupta is a professor of neurosurgery at AIIMS. He said that the child had been extremely lucky to escape any sort of life-threatening injury. He says, “We often see elderly patients with terminal illnesses abandoned by family members. But this is a rare case where a healthy girl has been left to die like this. It is a miracle that she has recovered from her injury and now our aim will be to rehabilitate her or hope that some noble soul comes forward to adopt her.”

Image source: Times Of India

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