Arab Plumbers Pay A Noble Gesture To A Holocaust Survivor

This inspiring story comes to us from Haifa, Israel

Simon and Salim Matari are two Israeli plumbers who recently hogged the limelight for all the right reasons. They work in Israel and it was another regular day at work when they were called to fix a broken pipe. Their client this time was an elderly woman in Haifa.

While working on the broken pipe, they were chatting with the woman and the good lady narrated how difficult her life had been. She was a holocaust survivor and when the Arab breathers learned this, they definitely had a change of heart.

After having done the work neatly and fixed the plumbing system, they decided that there was no way they could charge the woman the whopping fee of $285. So, they came up with a really noble gesture as they left a note which said, “Holocaust survivor, May you have health until 120 [years old], from Matari Simon and Matari Salim.”

This was not all as they even added that their services cost them zero shekels. They were so impressed and touched with her story that they added that should she ever need any additional services in the future, both of them would be more than glad to come to her home and help her for free because after she had gone through; this is the least they could do.

Isn’t this a bright tale that gives us hope that there are good men out there who know how to react to the kindness and love which is still present in the world? The Arab brothers definitely left a lesson that people could learn from. Sometimes, it is these little gestures that end up meaning the world to someone.

Source: Good News Network

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