Top UK University Installs Free Vending Machines With A Unique Aim

This wonderful news comes to us from Lincoln, England.

The University of Lincoln has come up with a brilliant idea. It is the first in the UK to install vending machines that have been so designed that they can dispense free short stories to students. Not only this, soon enough many willing writers can submit their prose too.

At the touch of a button, the person can decide how long they would want the reading to be- one, three, or even five minutes. Based on their input, the vending machines then prints out the story on an eco-friendly paper. They make use of heat transfer instead of ink. It sure looks like an amazing imitative which can help students relax and also come across some of the most brilliant works.

The database is whopping as it has works from top authors like Lewis Carol, Charles Dickens, and even Virginian Woolf. There are as many as 100,000 titles that are a part of it. All those students who are looking for some quick easy read, there is an exclusive story which has been written by British author Anthony Horowitz. These stories take less than a minute to be read.

These machines, in turn, have been made by the French publishing company called ‘Short Edition’. These machines have been installed in France and Hong Kong and after their successful stint, they have managed to make their way to London.

The Dean of the campus is excited about this idea and he hopes that it will help more and more people embrace the idea of publishing their work and submitting it to the database. At the same time, it should also encourage the reading habit among students too.

Surely, it seems like a great move.

Source: Good News Network

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