Police Officer shares inspirational story of teenage days

This heartwarming story comes to us from England.

Stephen Croshaw, a police constable has shared his journey from being a teenager who was forced to sleep rough to overcoming all odds to become a police officer. Tens of thousands of people reacted to PC Stephen Croshaw’s tweets about overcoming a difficult childhood.

Stephen is 46 years old and the Warwickshire officer reveals that he suffered abuse at the hands of his alcoholic mother, was locked in a coal shed and at the end of the day slept rough.

Stephan says that his story showed that hope and determination can conquer all odds. He is now married and is also a stepfather and he says that he experienced some very low times while growing up in Nuneaton.

Stephan says that his mother, now dead, had struggled with mental health issues along with alcoholism as she found it very difficult to cope after his father left. PC Croshaw suffered violence regularly as a young boy. He would be beaten up with a bat, get locked in the coal shed naked and was also the subject of verbal abuse.

PC Croshaw somehow managed to scrape through high school, but he dropped out of college. He had to sleep rough on and off as he was thrown out of the house following arguments with his mother.

In due course of time, some police officers found him sleeping in a rugby club and escorted him to the Nuneaton town hall where he was officially declared as homeless. Following this he lived in a bedsit, here he saw heroin use and very nasty violence but he brushed that off and worked hard at part-time jobs. At one point of time, he was working seven days a week and says it was better than sitting in the bedsit.

Later on, Stephen decided that he wanted a change of jobs in order to work somewhere more rewarding. Some memories of good interactions with the police when he was younger prompted him to train as a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO). He was told by recruiters that he could be the eyes and the years out in the street, would be able to conduct foot patrols and also meet the local community.

PC Croshaw put in four years of service and here he received a force commendation for his help in detaining a sex offender. Eventually, he became a police officer.

Image source: BBC

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