A man catches giant fish worth 23 crore but lets it go

This wonderful news comes to us from Ireland.

A gigantic tuna fish measuring over 8.5 feet was caught by a man off the coast of Ireland but unbelievably was released back into the sea.

Dave Edwards from West Cork was the man who caught the tuna. According to reliable sources, the gargantuan fish was the largest to have been caught in Ireland this year and would have been worth a whopping 3 million euros in Japan where this fish is highly prized.

The team of Dave Edwards, Dareen O’Sullivan, and Henk Weldman were not fishing for any commercial purpose. They were part of a catch and release program in a bid to establish the population of the fish in the Atlantic Ocean.

West Cork Charters which runs these fishing trips shared the pictures of the huge tuna fish on Facebook where they have garnered a huge and amazing response.

This catch and release program will go on till October 15th and Dave was one of 15 boats that were taking part in the program. The tuna fish was so huge and large that it had to be measured in the water before being tagged and released. The weight of the tuna fish was a whopping 270 kilograms.

Dave says that the fish is much more common in Donegal Bay where they are to be found following the herring. The place where the tuna was caught sees rare sightings but when they do appear they tend to be a whole lot bigger. This fish was the first fish to be caught south of Donegal Bay and it truly was a gigantic fish.

Image Source: Irish Mirror

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