Kerala policeman makes pond out of abandoned lorry

This wonderful new comes to us from Kerala, India.

We never get to hear about police stations and policemen helping the community or even contributing towards the environment. So it comes as a pleasant surprise when we hear that the Changaramkulam Police station in Kerala has a different story to narrate. This is due to the special efforts of Special Branch Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI) TJ Albert.

The police station premises is quite an idyllic spot, it has a small garden and organic vegetables growing in columns and also two beautiful fish ponds. This, however, was not the case a while back.

Albert says,” When I first came here the station was surrounded by garbage dumps. It was extremely dirty and I decided to take steps for change. As my family is from the fishing community of Mararikulam in Alappuzha, I had some exposure in fish farming and decided to start with that. Also, I had seen some videos on Youtube where people utilized and upcycled the weirdest things for gardening, and that gave me the idea to reuse an old lorry as a pond, instead of digging the ground.”

The aforementioned lorry was one that had been seized for illegal mining activities. It had been lying around for months before Albert came up with the idea. He sought all the necessary permissions and removed all the sand from the truck, covering it with a tarpaulin. In order to turn it into a pond, he filled it up with water and added fish and water lilies.

Albert began with red and white molly, guppies and silopi, gradually increasing the range of his collection to a point where he had almost 8-10 varieties of ornamental fish in the pond. In order to ensure that the pond looked beautiful, he added white lotuses as well as yellow water lilies.

After being farmed for almost a year, the truck was auctioned off, meaning that the pond had to be shifted. Albert says that they dug up two ponds in the campus and shifted the fish and the plants to the same. On getting larger space for movement the fish are flourishing.

Due to Albert’s initiative, a lot of other police officers are now involved in the initiative. The local villagers of the area have also chipped in with their help. Albert says that he lives close to the police station so it is not a problem for him to take care of the two ponds.

Image source: The Better India

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