Super 30 founder honored with US Education Excellence Award

This uplifting news comes to us from India.

Anand Kumar, the famous mathematician, and founder of Super 30 has been felicitated in the US for his prominent role and contributions towards teaching and imparting education to the needy and disadvantaged students of the country.

Kumar received the Education Excellence Award 2019 by the Foundation for Excellence at a special function on the occasion of the organizations 25th anniversary in San Jose, California.

Anand spoke at the event where he urged the sizable Indian community in the USA and around the world to help in making education the weapon of choice to fight the problems the world faced. He said, “Making quality education accessible to the masses will make a huge difference to the world by solving the core issues of poverty, unemployment, population explosion, and environmental degradation and a lot more.”

Anand spoke at a packed auditorium where he received applause from the gathering that comprised eminent personalities. He says,” Indians have been doing wonders in different fields across the globe, including the USA and it would be immensely satisfying for them to give back something to the society. There can be no gift more precious than education.”

For the last 18 years, Anand has been running a very innovative Super 30 program that mentors 30 students absolutely free of cost for with yearlong residential coaching for the elite IIT-JEE selections.

The success rate has been nothing short of phenomenal where students from underprivileged sections of the society bucking the trend and entering the premier institutions that had been previously closed to them by and large.

Anand was articulate, saying that an educated world would stand to be a much better place with enhanced understanding and compassion.  He was recently in the news for the successful biopic on his life played by Hrithik Roshan. Anand thanked the FFE for their help in providing scholarships to the needy students and propagating education among the needy.

Anand signs off by saying, “Through my small endeavor of Super 30, I have experienced how the smile of success on the face of the first generational learner brings cheers not only for the entire family but triggers hope for the entire community. This is what the world needs and your efforts will trigger hope for millions.”

Image source: Wikipedia

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