DadikiRasoi-meals for Rs 5 for 500 people

This uplifting news comes to us from Noida, India.

The statistics for hunger across the world are not encouraging. Around 815 million people in the world do not have the means to buy food to satiate their hunger. Also, over 66 million children attending primary school, do so on an empty belly. Various nonprofits are gearing up to change the equation all over the country. In the face of such a bleak forecast, a Noida based social activist is trying to turn the tide by serving over 500 people full and nourishing meals for only rupees 5 a plate.

Social activist AnoopKhanna is the owner of Dadi Ki Rasoi, which translates to Grandma’s Kitchen. This initiative was started about 2 years ago by Anoop and likeminded individuals. The idea is to provide quality food to poor and needy people at just Rs 5 per person. Anoop does not scrimp on quality. All his meals are cooked in pure desi ghee and the menu keeps changing so that the food does not become boring.

AnoopKhanna’s manager Sonu divulges a few details about how the initiative came into being. The idea of feeding food to the poor people germinated in Anoop’s mother’s mind. She was at home eating food with family when suddenly the thought flashed into her mind. Anoop was enthusiastic about the idea and he started by feeding 15-20 people at home. As the news spread, more people joined in and some shopkeepers nearby supported Anoop and also encouraged him to broaden the horizons.

A few days later, Anoop bought big utensils, commercial gas, and stoves to keep up with the demand. Since it opened, DadikiRasoi has turned out to be a crowd favorite. The best part is that the kitchen caters to people of all classes. There is no compromising on the quality of food and every effort is made to ensure that the people get full and appetizing. The menu includes rice, sabzi, dal, black chickpeas, white pea, and pickles.

DadikiRasoi manages to serve about 500 people every day. Anoop says that if he had wanted he could have served food for free, but having a nominal price tag to the meals ensures that the people who eat can do so with dignity. This is certainly a commendable venture and Anoop has definitely made a difference to the lives of those he serves.

Image source: India Times

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