80 year old woman selling idlis for 1 rupee gets rewarded by the government

This uplifting news comes to us from Coimbatore, India.

News like these is sure to light up your day and have your faith in mankind restored. At the ripe old age of 80, a woman in Coimbatore is running a business that is helping both the poor and her own family. K Kamalathal cooks idlis every day by hand and she sells them at the jaw-dropping price of one rupee.

According to her, the low pricing makes it possible for needy families to afford sustainable food and she likes doing her bit for charity. This magnificent story caught the eyes of many and also touched their hearts. This has finally resulted in the union government gifting a complimentary LPG connection so that she can continue on her novel venture.

Everything started with a video of her going viral on social media. Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra tweeted a video showing her in her tiny cottage with the help of a traditional stone grinder to make masalas and batter and a wood-burning stove to make idli and sambhar.

In his post, he wrote, “One of those humbling stories that make you wonder if everything you do is even a fraction as impactful as the work of people like Kamalathal. I notice she still uses a wood-burning stove. If anyone knows her I’d be happy to “invest” in her business and buy her an LPG fueled stove.”

This tweet went viral in a short time and there were many responses of awe and praise. This has prompted the Union Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas and Steel Dharmendra Pradhan to come forward to issue Kamalathal an LPG connection.

In his tweet, Dharmendra Pradhan said “ Salute the spirit and commitment of Kamalathal. Glad to have helped her through local OMC officers in getting LPG connection.”

Anand Mahindra replied. “This is superb. Thank you Bharat Gas Coimbatore for giving this gift of health to Kamalathal. As I have already stated, I am happy to support her continuing costs of using LPG.”

Image source: She The People

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